Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top 10 NBA Players going into 2012 season

1.LeBron James Heat
2.Dwyane Wade Heat
3.Kevin Durant Thunder
4.Derrick Rose Bulls
5.Chris Paul Hornets
6.Kobe Bryant Lakers
7.Dwight Howard Magic
8.Rajon Rondo Celtics
9.Kevin Love Timberwolves
10.Deron williams Nets

LeBron can do anything in basketball. Is that enough for you? I am a Heat fan!
Wade, LeBron's teammate is almost as good as James, but needs to work a little more on his outside shooting.
Durant is THE best shooter in the NBA but does not pass nearly enough and needs to work on his D if he wants to get any higher.
Rose had no part to win the MVP last season but still great. He can score, pass, and rebound which makes him a triple-double threat.
Paul is a good shooter, a great passer, and a really good defender. That makes him probably the best point guard in the West conference.
Kobe has been fading and fading for the past couple of seasons so this is probably his last year on the top 10 but he is a first-ballot hall of fame shooting guard.
Howard is a great rebounder and a great shot blocker but a terrible shooter. He is the best center though.
Rondo is a great, all around basketball player, and a good athlete. He is also the reason Boston even made the playoffs last season.
Kevin Love is the only Power Forward on this list and is by far the best. His rebounding skills are terrific, he is a good defender and a dynamic scorer.
D-Will was on fire after being dealt to New Jersey last season but he still did'nt have a season I expected from him. He should be able to break out this season.

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