Monday, December 5, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors:Paul, Howard to L.A. ?

With the lockout affecting the NBA season, teams like the Lakers will be interested in big money players like Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Howard expectedly grabbed 14 rebounds a game (2nd in NBA) and averaged almost 23 points a game last season. Paul on the other hand averaged 15 points per game and dished out 9.8 assists. Bynum should be traded for one of them. Pau Gasol also got a small amount of interest. In order for this trade to go through, the Lakers will probably have to send one of their role players( Matt Barnes/Steve Blake) to one of the teams because Bynum isn't durable and inconsistent which does'nt give him a near edge for any of these players. With a role player though, the trade should be complete and logical.
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