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Predicting MLB standings in 2012

AL West

1.Angels 97-65
2.Rangers 90-72
3.Mariners 79-83
4.Athletics 59-103

AL Central
1.Royals 86-76
2.Twins 84-78
3.Tigers 83-79
4.White Sox 78-84
5.Indians 76-86

AL East
1. Red Sox 99-63
2. Rays 94-68
3.Yankees 89-73
4.Blue Jays 70-92
5.Orioles 69-93

NL West

1.D-Backs 90-72
2.Giants 87-75
3.Padres 80-82
4.Rockies 78-84
5.Dodgers 70-92

NL Central

Cardinals 97-65
Brewers 96-66
Reds 91-71
Pirates 82-80
Astros 78-84
Cubs 68-94

NL East

1.Phillies 108-54
2.Braves 97-65
3.Mets 80-82
4.Marlins 78-84
5.Nationals 56-106

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why Ike Taylor is the most underrated player in the NFL

While the Steelers secondary has been productive, Ike Taylor is the star this season, even more than Troy Polamalu. Taylor has no interceptions this season which makes sense because they do not have even 10 takeaways this season. However, Taylor has been great on coverage in the backfield and making key tackles. Taylor has been very quiet even though he is having an all-pro season as the cornerback. Without Ike Taylor, Pittsburgh would be nowhere near where they are now. I am not sure if Taylor will make 1 pro bowl in his career, but I will always remember him for his effort in the backfield.

Fred Jackson out vs. Jets on Sunday possibly the rest of the season

Buffalo Bills star running back Fred Jackson is reportedly out vs. the New York Jets on Sunday due to a broken bone in his lower right leg. Jackson might miss the rest of the season to this injury. His backup C.J. Spiller will likely take over.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Predicting Anaheim Angels offseason trades/free agent signings and the starting lineup of 2012

With David Wright and C.J. Wilson getting closer to the Angels organization, they should sign Wilson before anyone else does. If they want to have the best starting pitching in baseball next season, they would have to sign another ace like C.J. Wilson and if they want to have a powerful offense they would have to trade for third baseman David Wright of the New York Mets. Here are my predictions for the LA Angels offseason and their 2012 starting lineup.

1. FA signings from best to worst

1.C.J. Wilson
Wilson is coming off a 16 win season with the Rangers and had a 2.94 ERA and struck out 206 batters: all career highs. Wilson made the All star team in 2011 and finished 6th in the AL Cy Young award balloting. Wilson also had a nice season in 2010 when he won 15 games and lost 8 to go with a 3.35 ERA. Wilson has a career taking him up and down,until he made himself one of the best pitcher in all of Major League baseball. Up until 2010, Wilson was a solid reliever for the Rangers from 2005-2009. I expect Wilson to be signed for 84.2 Mil. If a team like the Phillies or the Giants signs him, they would have the best pitching staff in the Majors because they already have one of the best. If Anaheim signs him, they would have 4 aces and a young pitcher with high potential all in their pitching staff. Wilson will win 19 games, post an ERA of 2.48, strike out 239 batters, and make the all star team with any team. With C.C. Sabathia re-signed early by the Yankees, Wilson is probably the best Free agent pitcher in the majors.

2.Ramon Hernandez
With the worst catcher in the major leagues(Jeff Mathis) the Angels are in need of a reliable catcher like Cincinnatti's Ramon Hernandez. However, Hernandez is 36 and has not averaged much more than 100 games in the past couple of seasons. He is a free agent and could likely go to the Angels IF a team like the Mariners don't re-sign him.
That IF is very scary for teams like the Angels who have made bad free agent signings and trades in the past. Seattle also needs a catcher because current catcher Miguel Olivo is not durable, lacks defense behind the plate, cannot hit for average, and is very inconsistent. Although, Seattle may not worry about their catching depth which will open the door for Hernandez and the Angels. Hernandez is coming off a season in which he batted .282 and hit 12 4-baggers and drove in just 36 runs. His .341 OBP however, will draw attention to other organizations. Hernandez has a .266 career batting average, with 161 homers and 723 RBI. 2 years and $56 mil. sounds like a good deal. The teams with probably the most interest are the Angels, Mariners, Rockies, and Pirates. Hernandez should finish with a .287 average with 22 homers and 87 RBI.

2. Trades from best to worst

1.David Wright:

The Angels will spend most of their offseason looking for the missing link in their lineup. David Wright fits that spot perfectly. But it will be almost a miracle if the Mets trade Wright to the Angels or any team because he is a good player and a very likable person on and off the field which you don't see often. Wright is coming off possibly his worst season in his 8 year tenure with the New York Mets when he hit just .254 and hit 14 home runs and out up only 61 RBI. Wright has not hit over the .300 mark since 2009 and has gotten closest to the milestone with a solid .283 average en route to his 5th and 5th straight all star appearance. Wright is expected to improve and has a bit of a high contract on a team that is rebuilding by trading big money players for young prospects. If the trade goes through, the Angels will likely trade one of their utility infielders such as Maicer Izturis or Alberto Callaspo and slugging prospect Randal Grichuk. Wright has a career batting average of .300 and 183 home runs with 725 RBI.Wright also has 2 gold gloves and silver sluggers both at third base. David Wright should still be all star caliber and still has enough left in the tank to blast 25 homers.

2.Huston Street

The Angels had one of baseballs worst bullpens last season and will be looking to change that by trading for Colorado Rockies closer Huston Street who won rookie of the year honors in 2005 by winning 5 games and posting a microscopic 1.72 ERA with 23 saves and 73 strikeouts in 78 innings pitched. Though in 2006, after saving a career high 37 games in 2006 Street went up against Detroit outfielder Magglio Ordonez in the ALCS where Ordonez hit a home run which would end the Athletics postseason but eventually the Tigers lost in the Fall Classic to St. Louis. Then in 2009, Street saved 34 out of 36 games in his first season with the Rockies. The problem is is that Colorado will probably want to keep their solid closer. Street will fill in in the Angels closer role very well who would take Jordan Walden's place in the bullpen. Street is a top 10 closer and durable. However, Huston Street is not consistent and will have to reduce his blown save total. I see Huston getting traded for prospects Orangel Arenas and Cam Bedosrian with relievers Kevin Jepsen and Anthony Ortega. Huston Street should save at least 35 games.

Predicted lineup

1.Peter Bourjos CF
2.Howie Kendrick 2B
3.Kendry Morales DH
4.Mark Trumbo 1B
5.David Wright 3B
6.Torii Hunter RF
7.Erick Aybar SS
8.Mike Trout LF
9.Ramon Hernandez

Predicted Starting Rotation

1.Jered Weaver
2.C.J. Wilson
3.Dan Haren
4.Ervin Santana
5.Tyler Chatwood

Predicted Bullpen

Closer:Huston Street
Right handed setup:Jordan Walden
Left handed setup:Scott Downs
long reliever: Rich Thompson
long reliever: Bobby Cassevah
middle reliever: Jerome Williams
middle reliever: John Hellweg

This is probably my best post yet. Oh, and by the way, I am 9 years old and the son of Francesca Lia Block.

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Top 10 players at QB, RB, WR, and TE's in the NFL

1.Aaron Rodgers
2.Drew Brees
3.Tom Brady
4.Ben Roethlisberger
5.Cam Newton
6.Eli Manning
7. Matt Schaub
8. Ryan Fitzpatrick
9.Matthew Stafford
10.Andy Dalton are the top 10 Quarterbacks.

Running Backs
1. Adrian Peterson
2.Lesean McCoy
3.Fred Jackson
4.Frank Gore
5.Matt Forte
6.Ray Rice
7.Michael Turner
8.Darren McFadden
9.Maurice Jones-Drew
10.Rashard Mendenhall

Wide Receivers
1.Wes Welker
2.Mike Wallace
3.Steve Smith
4.Calvin Johnson
5.Larry Fitzgerald
6.Greg Jennings
7.Brandon Marshall
8.Stevie Johnson
9.Roddy White
10.Dez Bryant

Tight Ends
1.Jimmy Graham
2.Rob Gronkowski
3.Vernon Davis
4.Tony Gonzalez
5.Jason Witten
6.Heath Miller
7.Antonio Gates
8.Owen Daniels
9.Jermichael Finley
10.Fred Davis

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Giving each NFL team a grade for performance in franchise history

Steelers, Packers, Raiders, 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, Redskins. These teams all have at least 3
super bowl victories which considers them an elite franchise. Here are the grades for every NFL team's performance in franchise history.

1. Steelers: yes I am a BIG Steelers fan but they do have the most super bowls ever. 6
Grade: A+

2. Packers: I can't believe my steelers lost to the Pack in super bowl XLV. Good job Aaron Rogers. I hate to say it though. 4 super bowls. grade: A

3. Cowboys: Aikman, Staubach, and now Romo. Are you kidding me? Grade: A

4. Bears: 8 NFL pre- super bowl championship wins 1 super bowl Grade: A-

5. 49ers: Montana, Young, AND Rice? WOW. 5 super bowls Grade: A

6. Al Davis did a great job. Sadly, he passed away. He did own the team too long though. 3 super bowls Grade: A-

7. Giants: Eli Manning can be better than Peyton if he believes. 3 super bowls Grade: A-

8. Redskins: Theissman is actually kind of overrated but still a legend. 3 super bowls
Grade: B+

9. Patriots: Brady is a LOCK for the Hall of Fame. My mom's friend Mike is a Patriots fan. Hope your watching this! 3 super bowls. Grade: A-

10. Browns I feel bad for Cleveland fans. 7 pre- NFL championships. 0 super bowls. Grade: B-

11. Dolphins: Don Shula and Dan Marino are one of the best ever. 2 super bowls.
Grade: B

12. Colts: Peyton is on his way to the best QB ever. He really needs to get healthy fast, or Curtis Painter and Indy will sit at an 0-16 record. 2 super bowls. Grade: B+

13. Broncos: 2 super bowls. Grade: B-

14. Rams: 1 super bowl. Grade: B-

15. Chiefs: 1 super bowl. Grade: C+

16. Vikings: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

17. Titans: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

18. Ravens: 1 super bowl. Grade: C+

19. Eagles: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

20. Chargers: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

21. Bucs: 1 super bowl. Grade: C

22. Jets: 1 super bowl. Grade: C-

23.Jaguars: 0 super bowls. Grade:C-

24.Saints: 1 super bowl. Grade: C-

25. Falcons: 0 super bowls. Grade: C-

26. Lions: 0 super bowls. Grade: C-

27. Bengals: 0 super bowls. Grade: D+

28. Panthers: 0 super bowls. Grade: C-

29. Bills: 0 super bowls. Grade: D

30. Seahawks: 0 super bowls. Grade: D-

31. Texans: 0 super bowls. Grade: D

32. Cardinals: 0 super bowls. Grade: F

Top 3 offseason targets for Anaheim Angels

The LA Angels coming into the offseason finished 2nd in the AL West standings and have missed the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 2000-01. They will be looking to repair their offense and relief pitching. So here are some Free Agents/Trade Targets the Angels should maybe try to target.

1. David Wright 3b NYM Trade Target

LA will be more focused on the FA market than the Trade market but David Wright could prove to be the missing link in the middle of the Angels lineup. Wright is coming off possibly his worst season ever in his 8 year tenure with the New York Mets while hitting just .254 and hitting only 14 homers and driving in 61 runs. Wright has not hit over the .300 mark since 2009 and the closest he got was a solid .283 average in 2010, when he made his 5th and 5th straight All Star appearance. Wright is likely to improve and has a decent contract with a team that is rebuilding by trading big money players for future prospects. The Angels could trade one of their utility infielders such as Maicer Izturis and Alberto Callaspo and a prospect like slugger Randal Grichuk. Wright has a career batting average of .300 and has hit 183 home runs and 725 career RBI. He also has 2 gold gloves and 2 silver sluggers both at third base. I expect Wright to hit at least 25 home runs in 2012.

2. Ramon Hernandez C CIN FA target

With probably the worst catching depth in the majors, the Angel will be amazingly happy to sign a cheap catcher like Reds catcher Ramon Hernandez from free agency. With major prospect Devin Mesoraco coming up from the minor leagues next season, Hernandez will probably not be re-signed again. The odds for the LA Angels to land this catcher are probably about 80-1. I expect him to be signed by any team for 2 years and $31 million. Hernandez finished with a solid .341 on- base percentage and a .282 batting average and slugged 12 home runs but with only 36 runs batted in. Hernandez's career stat sheet are similar to Wright's(.266, 161, 723). Hernandez has not averaged much more than 100 games a year for the past seasons and is turning 36 but can still boost the Angels lineup. Here is my prediction for Ramon Hernandez in 2012: .287, 22, 91.

3. Freddy Garcia P NYY

Freddy Garcia had a solid campaign in 2011 with the Yankees and is my 13th best starting pitcher in free agency. Garcia won 12 games in each of the last 2 seasons (spent 2010 with Chicago White Sox)and posted a 3.62 ERA in 2011. In his rookie season with Seattle, Garcia broke out by winning 17 and finishing 2nd in the AL Rookie of The Year balloting and 9th in the Cy Young Award voting. Garcia has 145 wins and 95 losses to go with a decent 4.09 earned run average. Garcia also is a 1 time world series champion with the White Sox and has compiled 1,486 career strikeouts. In addition to these impressive stats, Garcia is a 2 time all star and an ERA and innings pitched champion. Garcia could fit extremely well with the Angels at the back of the rotation. Pirates left-hander Paul Maholm could also help the Angels in this position.

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