Friday, November 11, 2011

Giving each NFL team a grade for performance in franchise history

Steelers, Packers, Raiders, 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots, Giants, Redskins. These teams all have at least 3
super bowl victories which considers them an elite franchise. Here are the grades for every NFL team's performance in franchise history.

1. Steelers: yes I am a BIG Steelers fan but they do have the most super bowls ever. 6
Grade: A+

2. Packers: I can't believe my steelers lost to the Pack in super bowl XLV. Good job Aaron Rogers. I hate to say it though. 4 super bowls. grade: A

3. Cowboys: Aikman, Staubach, and now Romo. Are you kidding me? Grade: A

4. Bears: 8 NFL pre- super bowl championship wins 1 super bowl Grade: A-

5. 49ers: Montana, Young, AND Rice? WOW. 5 super bowls Grade: A

6. Al Davis did a great job. Sadly, he passed away. He did own the team too long though. 3 super bowls Grade: A-

7. Giants: Eli Manning can be better than Peyton if he believes. 3 super bowls Grade: A-

8. Redskins: Theissman is actually kind of overrated but still a legend. 3 super bowls
Grade: B+

9. Patriots: Brady is a LOCK for the Hall of Fame. My mom's friend Mike is a Patriots fan. Hope your watching this! 3 super bowls. Grade: A-

10. Browns I feel bad for Cleveland fans. 7 pre- NFL championships. 0 super bowls. Grade: B-

11. Dolphins: Don Shula and Dan Marino are one of the best ever. 2 super bowls.
Grade: B

12. Colts: Peyton is on his way to the best QB ever. He really needs to get healthy fast, or Curtis Painter and Indy will sit at an 0-16 record. 2 super bowls. Grade: B+

13. Broncos: 2 super bowls. Grade: B-

14. Rams: 1 super bowl. Grade: B-

15. Chiefs: 1 super bowl. Grade: C+

16. Vikings: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

17. Titans: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

18. Ravens: 1 super bowl. Grade: C+

19. Eagles: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

20. Chargers: 0 super bowls. Grade: C

21. Bucs: 1 super bowl. Grade: C

22. Jets: 1 super bowl. Grade: C-

23.Jaguars: 0 super bowls. Grade:C-

24.Saints: 1 super bowl. Grade: C-

25. Falcons: 0 super bowls. Grade: C-

26. Lions: 0 super bowls. Grade: C-

27. Bengals: 0 super bowls. Grade: D+

28. Panthers: 0 super bowls. Grade: C-

29. Bills: 0 super bowls. Grade: D

30. Seahawks: 0 super bowls. Grade: D-

31. Texans: 0 super bowls. Grade: D

32. Cardinals: 0 super bowls. Grade: F

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  1. What do you mean only a "B" for the New England Patriots? What about their appearance in Superbowl XXXI in which they nearly upset the highly favored Packers,and their appearance in Superbowl XLII after a regular season in which they went undefeated! B+ at least!