Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Finals Preview

Hello everybody!This is Samsports blogging. My first post in a while and also one of my best so far in my blogging career. This post will be about the NBA Finals: The Miami Heat and The Oklahoma City Thunder. The Miami Heat Lebron James: Two Words: A machine. He is so strong and agile that he's virtually unstoppable. Averaging over 30 points a game this postseason, Lebron is having a terrific 2012 playoffs. Lebron is determined to win it all here in The Finals against OKC. Lebron's third finals appearance, he still hasn't scored over 25 points in a Finals game in 10 tries. if he wins, the criticism James has been receiving for a couple of years will disappear. Dwyane Wade: Not as good as James but still amazing. As well as Lebron, Wade has been having a solid postseason especially in the Eastern Conference Finals against Boston. One of Wade's few weaknesses in that series was that he horrific in the First Half for most of the games. He'll definitely have to improve that so his confidence can build and carry on to the second half. Chris Bosh: The third and final member of Miami's big 3, Chris Bosh is a versatile and all-around power forward, Chris Bosh will be a huge factor in this NBA Finals. Bosh is coming back from his injury where he tore his ACL Tendon and missed 9 straight games. In the 2 games he has been back, he did not start in any of those. He is likely to start today though. Mario Chalmers: A great perimeter shooter and solid defender, Chalmers is a good 4th scoring option and can hit some much needed shots at the point guard spot. Udonis Haslem: A solid big man and can rebound well. Offensively he is inconsistent and lacks some height as a power forward/center. However, on occasions he can get on fire and hit jumpers again and again. Shane Battier: A well experienced veteran, Battier is a specialist at taking charges and fighting for loose balls. Offensively he's a fantastic 3pt shooter. Joel Anthony: An undersized center, Joel Anthony still manages to lead his team in blocks in a limited amount of playing time. Anthony isn't any kind of offensive threat but is so hard working. Mike Miller: A very solid player to have coming off your bench although he is old and at the edge of his career. Miller is an amazing outside shooter and is a decent rebounder. Ronny Turiaf: Not a fierce shot blocker, but still a solid defender at the center position. Turiaf lacks a good shooter like Anthony but does pretty well in the post. Norris Cole: A rookie from Dayton, Cole has been getting some unexpected minutes here in the playoffs and has been reliable as the backup point guard. James Jones: An unbelievable 3 point shooter, Jones won't get much playing time , but if he does, expect him to hit some long jumpers. Coach-Erick Spoelstra: An underrated coach, developed into a smart and good coach. He might just lead the Heat to a championship. The Heat overall: Overall, the Heat are a well balanced and great team. FWI in an ESPN poll there was 49 U.S. states that wanted the Thunder to win. The one that wants the Heat: Florida. Also as a Heat fan I'll try to be unbiased as I'm blogging. The Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant: This guy is almost as good as James. He has improved defensively,rebounding, and passing. But he has always been a legendary scorer. He is a good leader and could possibly carry this young Thunder squad. Russell Westbrook: A pure scoring point guard Westbrook can do so much. He just needs to cut down on the turnovers and stop settling for long jump shots. He is extremely athletic. James Harden: "Fear the Beard" Harden is a great all around shooting guard. The sixth man of the year has been phenomenal. Serge Ibaka: The league leader in blocked shots, Ibaka is a major defensive player.He can be solid sometimes. Kendrick Perkins: Like Ibaka a terrific defensive center, Perkins is very physical on the defensive end and his shooting has improved. Thabo Sefolosha: A defensive specialist Sefolosha can be a good offensive scoring option. Derek Fisher: D-Fish already has 5 rings and a 6th would expand his large collection. He can hits shots from almost everywhere at 37 years old. Daequan Cook: Another great outside shooter Cook, a former Miami Heat player is a decent defender. Eric Maynor: An undersized point guard, Maynor has not been used so much but is a solid passer. Nick Collison: Doesn't do much offensively but is a key contributor on defense. Coach-Scott Brooks: A very good coach capable of leading a team to the playoffs consecutively. The Thunder Overall: A great franchise but their bench needs to get deeper if they want to take home an NBA Title. My predictions I think the Heat will win this in 6 games because Lebron is just too good for the Thunder to handle. Also, with Wade, and Bosh the Heat have a slightly better team and will The NBA Finals. Who will win which games? Game 1 Chesapeake Arena Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Heat win Game 2 Chesapeake Arena Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Thunder win Game 3 American Airlines Arena Miami, Florida Heat win Game 4 American Airlines Arena Miami, Florida Heat win Game 5 Chesapeake Arena Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Thunder win Game 6 American Airlines Arena Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Heat win That is the end of my NBA Finals preview of 2012. I apologize because I posted this with only about half an hour before Game 1 started. Anyway, Bye :) :):P:o

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